Friday, December 4, 2009

Grapefruit-Berry Smoothie and Ruby Salad


1/2 large or whole small pink grapefruit
frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
eight or so frozen strawberries
handful of fresh spinach
tablespoon flax seed meal
water to blend

Combine all ingredients in blender. I actually started without the strawberries and found the mixture too tart.

Verdict: Excellent. Very refreshing, and I'm having about 2/3 of it for my breakfast today.


Mixed dark romaine and red leaf lettuces, torn into pieces
Red onion sliced into rings
Thinly sliced radishes
Finely sliced red cabbage
Dried cranberries

Arrange lettuces in a bowl and top with pretty arrangement of all the red and purple things. Serve with a creamy white dressing. (I used a tablespoon of cucumber dressing with a tablespoon of lowfat plain yogurt.)

Verdict: Very Good. It's just a salad, but it's really pretty, and the onion and radishes give it bite while the cranberries give it sweetness.


Breakfast--GRAPEFRUIT-BERRY SMOOTHIE, two bites of Wolferman's English Muffin with a bit of butter

Lunch--2 cups MINESTRONE SOUP, Arnold's Sandwich Thin Multigrain (100 calories, good amount of fiber I've forgotten the count of) topped with peanut butter and part of a pear

Snack--Ounce of roasted edamame and mixed nuts

Supper--Taste of the homemade turkey pot pie I made for the family (really good!), 3/4 cup or so of mixed canned baked beans and navy beans, navel orange, RUBY SALAD with dressing as described


  1. Cindy,

    I love grapefruit too, but they interact with one of my hubby's meds ... so no grapefruit for us now.

    However, since you like it I thought I would suggest my favorite combination from before we went vegan. Nonfat greek yogurt, grapefruit segments with a little drizzle of agave with cardamom topped with a few sliced almonds. I think you might like it.

    have a great weekend,

  2. That sounds nice, Alicia. I'm doing only dabs of yogurt here and there (mostly for salad dressing), but I'll keep this combo in mind. I always associate cardamom with apples, but grapefruit--interesting!

    My hubby has to limit grapefruit, too, but I give him a segment here and there when I have a really nice one.

  3. I assumed you were still using yogurt. It also works with silken tofu which I like just as well now.

    I use cardamom on most fruit. If you are interested I posted a cardamom whole wheat pound cake sweeteened with agave a couple of months ago. My hubby has already requested that I make it this month so he has a sweet too.



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