Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Realities

Okay, it's just sort of running over me now, this last-minute press of activities for Christmas. I have decided not to post until after the weekend, unless I just get inspired to come pop something in here in the meantime.

But I made an interesting discovery yesterday. Despite a great start with a great smoothie and good choices for lunch and supper (no details here, but I'm trustworthy on that), in between I had too much temptation and too much succumbing to the treats I was making--so basically an overload of fat and sugar and refined flour, with some oats and nuts in there, too. I'm guessing I wound up with about 2500 calories altogether yesterday, only 1000 of it from my meals. And I didn't feel good! I had to take a Tums before bed (and this was HOURS after supper and a homemade caramel or two) and I woke up with a headache and vague ill feelings. So I guess I'm really getting used to eating good things most of the time! Yay!

I thought this post was particularly appropriate for me this morning--enjoy!

Holiday Strategy? No Wrist-Slaps and No Write-Offs

Now I'm off into the Christmas fray again--mostly planning a series of small and larger feasts over the next several days, and basking in the amazing wonder of it all: that the God of the Universe loved us so much that He took on flesh and dwelt among us, full of Grace and Truth. And it all began with an angel messenger, a baby, and a star . . . Rejoice!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the Run . . .

I usually just throw a few things together to make my smoothies several mornings a week, but this one is worth an actual recipe:


Frozen banana
Two cups (maybe 1-1/2) frozen blueberries
One pink grapefruit
Handful of kale
Tablespoon or two flax seed meal
Water to blend

Combine all in blender and whirl.

Verdict--Excellent. The combination of grapefruit and blueberry was beautifully refreshing, and the color was luscious. I tried with a smaller amount of blueberries at first, but it was too tart, so I tipped in the rest of the bag. :-)


Can't do it today!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rescuing the Day

Well, I had a great day until late afternoon, and then it pretty much fell apart. I think sometimes that my success actually leads to my stumbles. But now it's nearing suppertime and I'm back in the right place again. Thanks, Lord.


Breakfast--Banana and peanut butter in half a South Beach Multigrain Wrap

Lunch--Half cup of VEGETARIAN CHILI, 1-1/2 cups of vegetable-beef soup, gingerbread muffin, clementine, EGGPLANT HUMMUS with carrot and red pepper and celery to dip

Late-Afternoon Meltdown--It started at a little party--Spinach dip and crackers, cookie, little petit-four kind of thing, small piece of chocolate, a few caramel rice cakes. Then at home I felt I'd blown it so I might as well have some of the last of the potato chips, another gingerbread muffin, and a couple of cookies. Brother!!!

Supper--Lundberg Jubilee brown rice mix, green beans, small portion of beef tips in gravy; clementine


Down one pound for a total of eighteen down in ten weeks! I had blood work today and am interested to see what the results are, as I have an interesting marker at two years ago when I weighed about the same as now but was not eating as healthfully. Although I am significantly overweight, I am "metabolically healthy," so my numbers are pretty good and don't have anything dramatic to show, I expect. Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Church Dinner Choices

I was pleased with how the church dinner went today--I was satisfied with my healthy choices. Since I have blood work after a 14-hour fast in the morning, I'm eating a bit past full for supper, which I'm having at about 5:30.


Breakfast--Smoothie of 2/3 pink grapefruit, banana, frozen homegrown peach chunks (yum!), kale, and flax seed meal

Lunch--VEGETARIAN CHILI (about one cup); one serving each (about 3 cups total?) pre-prepared salads at church dinner--one was Greek with a smidgen of tomato and olive and feta and great dressing, and the other spring greens and balsamic dressing; small homemade shortbread cookie

Snack--Half a Harry and David pear; one ounce mixed roasted nuts

Dinner--Half a cup of Lundberg Jubilee rice (prepared yesterday--see that post) with two ounces baked chicken and about 2/3 cup steamed broccoli florets; mini whole wheat bagel (about 80 calories) spread with EGGPLANT HUMMUS; two or three melon chunks

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cooking Saturday

We have a dinner at church tomorrow, and I was asked to bring a crock pot of chili, so I asked if I could do a vegetarian version. To save time and effort, I also made a vegetable-beef soup at the same time, so all my vegetable chopping and seasoning could go both ways. The soup is seasoned with garlic, onion, worcestershire, bay leaf, and chili powder, with stew beef and tomato juice for the base--I will add frozen mixed vegetables and additional water the day we eat it, but the "guts" are ready to freeze. The chili is below.

(All measurements are approximate--I can't be absolutely sure of the number of cans of tomatoes, for example.)

Tablespoon of oil
2 green peppers, chopped
1 very large onion, chopped
Three cloves of garlic, sliced
Two to three ribs of celery, chopped
Two large cans chopped tomatoes (might be three)
2-3 tablespoons McCormick chili seasoning
1 tablespoon cumin
1 tablespoon chili powder
Additional garlic powder and dehydrated onion to taste
Chopped hot peppers to taste--my homegrown "Anaheims" are too hot for the name, so I put in a handful and then tasted the chili and quickly removed most of the pieces of those peppers!
Spoonful of sugar and dash of salt if needed to correct seasoning
Two large cans kidney beans, drained (I used one dark and one light)

Saute the onion, peppers, celery, and garlic until soft, then add tomatoes and seasonings and cook down for an hour or so. Check seasoning, add beans, reheat, and taste again. Refrigerate overnight and reheat for best flavor.

Verdict--Excellent. I had a cup soon after it was all put together, and it's got a nice hotter-than-medium kick to it. It's a little on the "tomato-ey" side, but I'll taste it again tomorrow before serving to be sure that's still the case.


Breakfast--Leftover apple/raisin oatmeal with toasted almond slices (burned two batches and barely salvaged the third--shame on me!)

Lunch--Amy's Black Bean Enchiladas (yes, I ate both of the ones in the package, for a total of 6g fiber and 100 calories of fat out of 360 calories total) over a salad of spring mix and romaine; larger half of a giant Harry and David pear; sliver of ciabatta sub and of banana coffee cake, about three potato chips, and three chocolate-covered cashews


Supper--Chicken drumstick (baked in the oven with a soy/ginger/honey marinade); 2/3 cup of Lundberg Jubilee Gourmet Blend of Whole Grain Brown Rice cooked in my rice cooker with chicken broth (canned), adding near the end canned sliced mushrooms and a dash of sherry--this was EXCELLENT!; green beans steamed over the rice near the end of cooking time

Snack/Dessert--Will probably have something because we had supper early, but we'll see.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Eggplant Hummus

I have a recipe for Eggplant Hummus earlier in this blog, but I didn't refer to it when I made this one tonight.


Small eggplant, baked to softness
Can of garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed
Two to three ounces of tahini
Four cloves garlic
Two teaspoons parsley
Juice of half a lemon
Salt to taste

Combine all in blender and blend to a smooth, creamy consistency, adding a bit of water if needed. Serve as a salad topper, sandwich spread, or dip.

Verdict--Excellent. This makes at least four cups, and I look forward to enjoying it for many days to come. It's particularly spicy/biting from the garlic and eggplant. I like that the eggplant and smallish amount of tahini make for a lower-fat version than is usual.


Breakfast--Smoothie of frozen banana, strawberries, a few blackberries, kale, and flax seed meal

Lunch--One cup leftover KUSHERIE base (lentils, brown and white rice, quinoa) with a large zucchini dry-sauteed with one small onion and a clove of garlic, garnished with a tablespoon of reduced-fat feta cheese; honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon chunks

Snack--Ounce of mixed roasted nuts and a large Pink Lady apple

Supper--Large salad of spring greens and a bit of romaine, with green peppers and onion, topped with about half a cup of EGGPLANT HUMMUS and a drizzle of low-cal Italian dressing; small sliver of ciabatta sub sandwich the family was having; small serving of potato chips

Snack/Dessert--Half ounce or so of the banana coffee cake the family was having; two tiny clementines

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catching Up

I'm having trouble catching up to my life this week since I got back online, and every time I think of this blog I'm doing something else I cannot leave. So I'm just going to start in with what I've eaten today.

Christmas temptations are getting to me. We have goodies people have made us, goodies we've made for various functions we've been going to, and more goodies planned for the next week and more (a birthday two days after Christmas). I hate to commit to it because I don't want to cut off my options, but I really need to. I want to plan to have one small indulgence each day over these holidays, so I can look forward to something each day and keep to that limit. Lots of veggies and fruits will help in that.


Breakfast--Leftover oatmeal with apples, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pecan pieces

Lunch (too late!)--Bowl of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe chunks (got a good deal on a prepared tray at the grocery); leftover 2/3 cup Dreamfields pasta (I'm suspicious of this stuff) with 1/4 cup leftover prepared Macaroni Grill lasagne and jarred red sauce, with 1/2 cup cauliflower; single chocolate-cranberry cookie

Supper--Sauteed spinach on a small baked potato; half cup of leftover Kusherie (just the lentils and rice and quinoa) with two-plus ounces of meatloaf; a few bites of dessert cookies

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Back! Progress Report

Since my modem died last Wednesday I've had a different sort of life. I've played a lot of Spider Solitaire while listening to an audio book (Desiring God -- nicely read here!) during some of those times when I would normally be checking my Google Reader, doing email, that kind of thing. I also decided to just move through my days without recording everything I was cooking and eating. I found I tended to get sloppy around the edges of things, so that today, for example, I nibbled on a piece of cinnamon toast every few hours throughout the day. Did I really need that? No. Could I have done better? Sure.

I also made a huge pot of Kusherie (the browned onions always run out before the rest of it does, so make lots extra) from the More-With-Less Cookbook  late last week and have eaten it for lunch or supper every day since. That's not such a great idea, either. I browned my onions with less oil, and I used part brown rice and part white rice and part quinoa for the grain--it just took some interesting timing to make all the parts come out right in the end.

The first evening of not blogging I made a casserole of stuffing mix (included whole wheat bread, prepared mostly for the family, but I had a little) with catfish baked on top, with a bruschetta-type topping--tomatoes, olives, herbs. It was good, but I'm not really interested in the leftovers we still have around. I made a nice slaw to go with it (let's see if I can remember it):


one diced apple
tablespoon or two of homemade tarragon vinegar
handful or two of broccoli slaw
tablespoon of cucumber dressing (creamy type)
possibly a tablespoon or so of plain lowfat yogurt (I can't remember!)

Dice apple and toss with the vinegar to prevent browning. Add slaw and dressing and toss to coat everything well. Let stand for an hour or so before eating.

Verdict: Very Good. This was a nice, bright complement to the mellow fish and stuffing.


Two pounds down in one week, total of seventeen pounds down in nine weeks. Not bad for a not-so-great week! I had a physical today (blood work later--that will be interesting to see, though I had good numbers before, despite my weight) and my blood pressure was 120/80, not bad for a 48yo mom not enjoying being there for her physical. :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blackberry-Pear Smoothie and Offline For a While

It seems an extravagance to put a perfectly beautiful Harry and David Royal Riviera pear in a smoothie, but when I start feeling sorry for myself about what I don't get to eat, I figure I should have something that makes me feel privileged. So there.

My modem died today and I will not have another until perhaps Monday or so, so I will be suspending my entries here for several days. I hope to have a good report for Monday anyway!


One large ripe pear
Cup frozen blackberries (from our garden)
Frozen banana
Leaves from one large stem of kale
Water to blend

Combine all ingredients and blend to smoothness.

Verdict--Exellent. The pear and banana give it smoothness and the blackberries tart depth. I left out flax seed meal today because I figured the kale and berries would put in plenty of graininess--they do. I had about 3/4 of this and saved the rest for NEVER-ENDING SMOOTHIE. :-)



Snack--(was feeling a little nauseated) 1/3 piece of leftover cheese toast

Lunch--1/2 package Tasty Bite Multigrain Pilaf topped with leftover RATATOUILLE SAUCE, navel orange, 100+ calories' worth of chocolate with almonds

Supper--Half ounce of peanuts; apple; 2/3 cup of leftover brown rice, two ounces or so baked chicken (no skin), 1/3 cup canned diced tomatoes, 1/4 cup diced red onion, blop of salsa--I microwaved all the but last two ingredients to take with me for a supper on the run. I will probably have something else when I get home after posting this.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Tuesday, Another Restaurant


Breakfast--Oatmeal with peaches frozen from our garden, cinnamon, nutmeg, and toasted pecans

Lunch--At the Iron Bridge Inn, one of a very few good restaurants in our area, I had a lunch menu item of Asian Stir-Fry vegetables with an orange sauce, minus the rice. I could tell there was oil on it, but the veggies were nice--a mix of green and red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, and I cannot recall what else--maybe carrots, celery . . . ? I had hoped they'd give me extra vegetables in lieu of the rice but they didn't, so the veggies looked kind of lonesome in that giant platter. Our waitress agreed and brought me the side of the day, brussels sprouts. Not my favorite, but healthy and decently done. I had about four of hubby's amazing fries and a couple of bites of his prime rib panini and a few sips of his Lobster Ale. I love the atmosphere in that place, especially with all the Christmas decorations! Good memories of good times there, too.

Snack--Ounce of roasted peanuts, most of a Harry and David pear, two-plus squares cherry-chili chocolate

Supper--Giant salad of mixed leaf lettuce and dark romaine, tomatoes, red onion, tablespoon ranch with tablespoon or two of lowfat plain yogurt for dressing; bowl of MOTLEY CHILI SOUP

Monday, December 7, 2009

Progress Report


Breakfast--Leftover NEVER-ENDING SMOOTHIE (I think I'm ending it for now!)

Lunch--Salad of mixed dark lettuces, purple cabbage, radish, red bell pepper, and red onion topped with 1/2 cup Tasty Bite pilaf (mixed grain and bean) and a half dozen Spanish olives, dressed with a drizzle of low-cal Italian dressing; cup of MINESTRONE SOUP; half a Harry and David pear

Snack--Half ounce of roasted peanuts early, banana with peanut butter and flax seed meal late

Supper--Three ounces baked chicken breast (no skin), 1/2 ounce acorn squash with cinnamon, two cups broccoli, 2/3 cup macaroni and cheese (shouldn't have done that, but it was a lower-fat version I made up for the family), navel orange


Same weight today as last week (when I'd lost four in a week). After my slipup yesterday, it makes sense. But that's still fifteen pounds in eight weeks. :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Never-Ending Smoothie

This morning I used the last third of the GRAPEFRUIT-BERRY SMOOTHIE I made the other day, but it wasn't going to be enough for my breakfast, so I added a navel orange and more flax seed meal. Too tart and "weak" (navel orange wasn't the best quality). So I thought to add a few frozen blueberries and accidentally tipped too many into the blender. But I blended away and wound up with too much for today's breakfast. So I wonder how many incarnations this smoothie will have before I'm done with it! What should today's be called? Maybe 2X2 SMOOTHIE, having two citruses and two kinds of berries. But that doesn't account for the flax, spinach, and banana in there, too. Whatever.


I started with a desire to make white bean chili, but I didn't have enough flavorful ingredients to make it work, and then it ended up thinner than I intended and we didn't have time to let it cook down sufficiently. So here's what I did, one step at a time.

tablespoon canola oil
small onion, chopped
half a green pepper, chopped
three cloves garlic, sliced
about three or four cups cooked navy beans with a bit of liquid
half a large can diced tomatoes
two teaspoons cumin
quarter cup sliced home-canned jalapenos (briny, not too vinegary)
two tablespoons chicken soup base
two tablespoons chili seasoning
water as needed (probably a pint to a quart)
small bag frozen corn
can chili beans with their liquid

Sautee the chopped veggies in the oil and then add the other ingredients, letting water come to a boil before adding the corn, then the chili beans. Adjust seasoning.

Verdict--Very Good for just thrown together at 9pm. I put a pinch of shredded cheese on top of mine and had a toasted corn taco shell (45 calories?) with it.


Breakfast--Smoothie described above, handful of nuts and raisins

Sunday Dinner--Pink lady apple, 2 oz. lean pork chop with cranberry sauce, leftover Indian rice and lentils from last night, cup of cauliflower (seared, steamed, and dressed with a bit of tomato relish), huge salad of dark greens and other veggies with low-cal balsamic dressing and a touch of ranch, square of chili-cherry dark chocolate. :-)

Snack--I succumbed to a number of emotional pressures this afternoon and had probably a third cup of chocolate chips and pecans, then about four bites of a chocolate chip cake my daughter made. Sigh.

Supper--Navel orange, MOTLEY CHILI SOUP, pinch of shredded cheddar, toasted corn taco shell (45 calories?)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Indian Outing


1/2 cup cooked navy beans
a half dozen assorted olive bar olives and mushrooms, sliced or chopped
salt to taste

Mash beans with sliced olives and spread on your choice of substrate.

Verdict--Very Good. I needed a substantial snack before going out to a restaurant this evening, and I needed some beans for the day, so I enjoyed this on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin (100 calories)

Going with my friends to Tamarind: Flavor of India in Shadyside, Pittsburgh this evening. In checking out the menu I think I may order either Bisibella Bath (rice with vegetables and lentils) or Biryani (basmati rice with special spices, vegetable variety). The former is pretty cheap, so it may be fairly small. I'll inquire and go with the one that has more veggies in it. :-) Dal Fry and Veg Kofta are two other possibilities . . . remember I'm working on nutritarian, which minimizes starches and fats and sugars other than from natural produce.

I'll update this evening or tomorrow, reporting what I had. Any counsel? :-)


Breakfast--Steel-cut oats with home-dried sugared tart cherries (these are impossible without sweetening!) and toasted almond slices

Lunch--Spaghetti squash topped with RATATOUILLE SAUCE (large serving--I'm hungry!), navel orange

Snack--WHITE BEAN TAPENADE on an Arnold Sandwich Thin

Supper--I chose the Bisibella Bath, which was mostly rice, with lots of lemon grass inedibles to pick out, but the flavor was nice. My friend Marci got the Biryani and I tasted it and was glad for my choice, as hers was too hot for a full meal. I ate a cup-plus of mine and brought home a third to half of it for later, when I can look at it in good light to determine how many lentils are actually IN it. :-) My plate came with one of those crispy things that usually have lentils in them, but this one didn't and tasted really of pork rind. Hmmmm. I tasted a couple of things others had ordered and just plain enjoyed my evening out. Later at Starbucks I had a decaf with half-and-half and two little Walkers shortbreads (179 calories) for a splurge. At home I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate with cherries and chilis and shared with the family (thanks, Marci!). Fun evening out.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grapefruit-Berry Smoothie and Ruby Salad


1/2 large or whole small pink grapefruit
frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
eight or so frozen strawberries
handful of fresh spinach
tablespoon flax seed meal
water to blend

Combine all ingredients in blender. I actually started without the strawberries and found the mixture too tart.

Verdict: Excellent. Very refreshing, and I'm having about 2/3 of it for my breakfast today.


Mixed dark romaine and red leaf lettuces, torn into pieces
Red onion sliced into rings
Thinly sliced radishes
Finely sliced red cabbage
Dried cranberries

Arrange lettuces in a bowl and top with pretty arrangement of all the red and purple things. Serve with a creamy white dressing. (I used a tablespoon of cucumber dressing with a tablespoon of lowfat plain yogurt.)

Verdict: Very Good. It's just a salad, but it's really pretty, and the onion and radishes give it bite while the cranberries give it sweetness.


Breakfast--GRAPEFRUIT-BERRY SMOOTHIE, two bites of Wolferman's English Muffin with a bit of butter

Lunch--2 cups MINESTRONE SOUP, Arnold's Sandwich Thin Multigrain (100 calories, good amount of fiber I've forgotten the count of) topped with peanut butter and part of a pear

Snack--Ounce of roasted edamame and mixed nuts

Supper--Taste of the homemade turkey pot pie I made for the family (really good!), 3/4 cup or so of mixed canned baked beans and navy beans, navel orange, RUBY SALAD with dressing as described

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Road Today

I knew I'd be facing dining out in Grove City again today for lunch, so daughter and I determined to go to McDonalds, where I was pretty sure I could get a decent salad (with darker greens than iceberg lettuce!). I was given the crispy chicken on mine and didn't realize it until I'd eaten my portion (slightly less than half the chicken), so it was more fat than I'd intended for lunch. To prepare for this lunch I made sure to have a substantial breakfast, and I didn't have time until afternoon to get in any fruit!

For supper I wanted a lot of veggies done in an interesting and satisfying way, for one of the few times this week our whole family will sit down to supper together. I had spaghetti squash on hand, already cooked, and wanted to do something with that. One recipe that tempted me is "Spaghetti Squash I," with feta and black olives and tomatoes. But I wanted more veggies than that, and I had zucchini and eggplant on hand, so I did this instead: "SPAGHETTI SQUASH WITH RATATOUILLE SAUCE."

This dish includes no oil but I put in a tablespoon or so of olive oil, and I added some sweet white wine, too, to mellow the expected harshness of the flavors. I also added some frozen dried-tomato (and basil) pesto lurking in the back of my freezer, in lieu of the fresh basil in the recipe.

Verdict: Excellent, and everybody else liked it, too. I have leftovers I know I'll enjoy in the next few days.


Breakfast--South Beach Multi-grain Wrap (100 calories, 9g fiber?), 1/2 teaspoon butter to sautee one green onion and scramble one medium egg and two whites

Lunch--McDonalds Southwest Chicken Salad with Lowfat Balsamic Vinaigrette (all shared with daughter, so I calculate I had about 275 calories from my portion, including a couple of ounces of the chicken)

Snack--Leftover strawberry smoothie (includes some spinach and flax seed meal) with additional banana added; half to 3/4 ounce roasted edamame

Supper--SPAGHETTI SQUASH WITH RATATOIULLE SAUCE (I had about a cup of squash and one to 1-1/2 cups of the sauce. The family had some of this as a side dish with their braised steaks and leftover mashed potatoes and rice.) ; apple with peanut butter

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Banana-Nut Oatmeal, Convenience Food, Christmas Party

I started thinking about this a couple of days ago and got to enjoy it this morning:


1/3 cup steel cut oats
1 cup water
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 very ripe banana (mine was frozen)
1/2 ounce broken-up walnuts

Cook oatmeal as directed, adding other ingredients near the end of the cooking time and mashing all together.

Verdict: Excellent! I usually put a dash of salt in my oatmeal and this doesn't need it.



Lunch--Harry and David Anjou pear; Amy's Garden Vegetable Lasagne (frozen, 290 calories, 80 of those fat, 5g fiber, 13g protein) over dry-sauteed mix of two chopped zucchini, half an onion, and a few mushrooms. Because sometimes nutritarians need convenience food, too! :-)

Snack--About 20 chocolate chips, half a biscotti. This is dangerous territory, but . . .

Supper was a challenge. The first part was at a Christmas Open House for Grove City College. It was a gorgeous spread, and I actually wound up eating some of the table decorations, really! Next to the roast beef and the stuffed mushroom caps and the oysters something-or-other (not Rockefeller) they had giant mushrooms. I didn't take any of those. At the other end of the table, by the miniature beef wellingtons and crabcakes, they had a pile of gorgeous yellow and red bell peppers. I didn't take any of those, but I took a tangelo from beside another meat option. I took a bit of the salmon but left the grapes garnishing the platter. By a platter of toasts piled with ham and strawberries I took a single strawberry garnish. There was a beautiful tray of mini caesar salads in parmesan baskets. I took one of those and enjoyed the salad (a few bites) and single crouton. I sampled the cheese basket to be sure what it was, but I left it. I nibbled a few of hubby's choices, particularly the desserts I didn't even get near otherwise, but I totaled no more than three or four bites of the rich goodies. Sooo...

Supper--Tangelo, strawberry, two or three bites caesar salad and a crouton, ounce of salmon with a bit of sauce, tastes of hubby's choices totaling maybe two ounces of heavy hors d'oeuvres and desserts; at home a salad of romaine, carrot, red bell pepper, half a cup of white beans, 100 calories of guacamole, onion, and salsa, plus one toasted corn taco shell (50 calories); half cup of leftover strawberry smoothie from last week

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diner Blues

Well, at the famous Main Street Diner (no web site) in Grove City today I had very little to choose from. I have had the flavorful chili in the past, but I know it's full of meat, and today's other soup choices were chicken noodle and cream of potato. Nahh. I ordered the baked cod with baked potato and salad with ranch dressing on the side. Other choices might have been applesauce (sugared, no doubt), cottage cheese, chicken noodle soup, fries, that kind of thing. I don't think they know the color green there! However, the cod was good and well-cooked, with almost no seasoning, and I brought home half of it for another time.


Breakfast--1/2 cup oatmeal (everybody else ate it up!) with 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and 2 tablespoons sliced almonds

Lunch--3 oz. baked cod, 1/2 baked potato with 1/3 oz. cheese, iceberg lettuce salad with token tomato, olive, onion, and pepper slices, 2 tablespoons ranch dressing (a bit of it on the potato), two bites of hubby's hamburger, three french fries, and one bite of garlic bread; apple when I got home, two bites of Toll House pie

Snack--1-1/2 cups MINESTRONE SOUP

Supper--Salad of really nice dark, crisp romaine with red cabbage shreds, matchstick carrots, four or five olive bar olives, tablespoon basil/tomato feta, and low-fat Italian dressing; half a clementine