Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's in a Name?

I've been calling myself a "nutritarian," or saying that I follow "nutritarian principles," for a while now. I like the fact that the word, coined by Dr. Fuhrman, I believe, focuses on the goal of this eating style--to get in the most nutrition possible per calorie. But it's unfamiliar and confusing to people.

I've also told people that I eat "mostly vegan," but that sounds like I have an ideology that shuns animal foods. Plus, a lot of vegans eat junk--processed vegan junk food. I don't mind it that I'm contributing dramatically less to the factory-farm food industry (See Food, Inc., available in different versions on YouTube), but I have no ethical/moral/aesthetic problem with animal foods. I eat small amounts of meat and dairy and eggs when I'm eating healthy, and more than that when I'm just indulging. Michael Pollan, whose books I haven't read, seems to have a reasonable approach. 

Another term has been going around among the blogs I read, "Plant Strong."  I like that concept--it captures the idea that we should be eating mostly plants, focusing on those. But it doesn't necessarily shun animal products.  An emphasis on "whole foods" is also a good one, though that tends to go the way of people eating the WHOLE pig and such--not quite what I have in mind.

If anyone's out there reading, what are your thoughts about these terms or others and how well they describe what YOUR eating plan is?


  1. I discovered your blog when I Google "nutritarian kids recipes" this afternoon and have been enjoying browsing while one of my little ones naps. I had to comment on this post because I could have written those words myself. I completely agree and find myself in the same position. I am still navigating how to explain our eating choices to others. I had not heard of "plant strong" before but I like it! Thanks for your blog. Happy plant eating!

  2. Thanks, Z and J! Isn't it funny how people scrunch up their noses at "vegan," as though the food itself is nasty? Even if they object to tofu and stuff like that, they should like my food, because I don't use it! I appreciate your taking time to comment!


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