Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Subway Salad


Breakfast--Smoothie of banana, navel orange, elderberries (search for earlier post), spinach, flax seed meal, and water to blend

Lunch--Subway salad (50 calories) with roast beef (90 calories, according to their menu, but it seemed a bit skimpy for that calorie count) plus fat-free honey-mustard dressing (30+ calories); two bites of hubby's pizza; cup of leftover LENTIL SOUP; 2-inch segment of cherry-almond biscotti from my friend Amy in Maryland and 1-inch sliver of candied ginger from my friend Melissa in Jordan. Is that eclectic or what? :-)

Snack--Apple (Jonathan) and <1 oz. roasted cashews

Supper--Leftover stir fry with two meatballs (50 cal.) and added frozen green beans (no pasta), pear


  1. Cindy--I tried Dr. Fuhrman's suggestions about two months ago. I'm not certain what I did wrong, but I felt like I was having to eat all day long. It would seem like I'd eat a big salad w/black beans for fiber and an hour later I was starving. Eat some raw veggies for a snack, 45 minutes later, starving, and so on.

    Did you go through this at all?

    Patricia M from classed

  2. Hi, Patricia. Were you getting in all the foods he says to eat? A full cup of beans every day, a full cup of grains (max), an ounce of nuts, at least four fruits, etc.? Perhaps you have a really fast metabolism. I have found sometimes that I can get pretty full with the high bulk of the veggies at a meal but then a couple of hours later need a snack. As you'll see from my post for today (not up yet), I woke up hungry and had both an early AND a late breakfast--I think I'm sort of catching up from several low-cal days in a row.

    I have found it helpful to log in all my food some days on fitday.com, to find out if my ballpark ideas of the calories are accurate. I tend to overestimate what I'm getting, so I've taken to having all my salads in serving bowls to get enough content in them, and in the last week or two I've been adding a couple of ounces of animal protein each day, in some form.

    Another thing to consider is the detox you might need to go through. Until the addictive foods (refined carbs, especially sugar and white flour, and fats, plus high-salt things) are really out of your system, you'll "feel bad" without a "fix" of them. I was thankful to have little of that--just a persistent headache for about two days in the beginning.

    If you'd like to give me a rundown of what you'd eat (with quantities) when you were doing this, I might be able to help with some comments. Are you really athletic, for example?

    I feel like I'm just rambling now . . . :-)

  3. After my dd and I laughed our heads off at the idea of me having either a fast metabolism or being really athletic, I tried to sit down and remember what I ate. It was actually longer than two months ago--it had to be late spring/early summer.

    From what I can recall, I usually had 1/2 cup of beans and no grains at all. I had lots of fruit and veggies, but don't remember exact quantities. When I was hungry I had one or the other. I also had nuts.

    I think my problem was that I had not read Eat for Health. I found the website, and at the time our library only had his older book. Now they have the newer books and I requested them from the library.

    Just yesterday (after reading your post) I picked up Eat for Health V2 from the library. So I plan to read it so see what I've missed.


  4. I forgot to add--looking at the ANDI and MANDI lists, I realize I was choosing greens that were lower on the list--perhaps if I'd had the list to select higher density greens it might have helped.

  5. Patricia, I do think that not having the cup of grain (or equivalent) and only half the beans would "cheat" you out of at least 300 calories a day. I like to think of it that the fruit is replacing grains for me most of the time. I have the newer books in E-Book format but really operate off the old book, which is the "rigorous standard." I like the idea of easing into things (new book), but I like the more "medical" feel of the old book. And I needed to jump right in, not ease in. :-)

    And yes, you definitely want to get in a significant amount of deep greens each day--I usually have a handful of spinach or smaller amount of kale (both fresh) in my morning smoothie, and then my giant lunch or dinner salad is at least half darker lettuces (red leaf, spring mix, romaine leaves, spinach).

    I found ANDI and MANDI too complex and to oeasy to "get around" if I depended on them, so I prefer the basic guideline: a pound of raw and a pound of cooked lower-carb high-nutrient veggies per day, a cup of grain (or 200-calorie equivalent of whole-grain bread, pasta, winter squash, potato), at least a cup of beans, at least four fruits, a tablespoon of flax seed meal, and an ounce of nuts. Then no more than 12 oz. of animal products in a week (that goes for me to two ounces per day), plus no more than three servings of fish or nonfat dairy in a week.

    Have fun!

  6. Thanks, Cindy. Today I made a big pot of soup that was a cross between the High Cruciferous and Hearty Veggie--sort of started with the ingredient list and winged it. I'm planning to use it for my lunches.


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