Friday, November 13, 2009

The Food Matters

This article (November 13 blog post), entitled "Gut Bugs Revisited" suggests that those who have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight may have different intestinal flora than do those who can maintain normal weight. The interesting thing to me was that mice with human "gut bugs" rapidly gained weight when switched from a low-fat high-veggie diet to a "Western diet" of high sugar and high fat, and that the metabolic pathway changed within just a day!

The good news is that though the study didn't investigate this, it seems to make sense that the changes can go the other way, as well! That's what I am discovering: a 1500-calorie day of "Western diet" leaves me feeling very deprived and doesn't lead to sustained weight loss, even when the regimen can be sustained; but a 1500-calorie day of nutritarian eating leaves me full and energetic, and I'm losing weight at over two pounds per week after over a month.

We'll see how the weeks and months to come turn out.

Scientific types who want to protest my conclusions, please recognize I'm just speculating and reading between the lines! :-)

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