Monday, November 23, 2009

Challenges of Travel, Progress Report

On my three-day first-time-ever trip to New England, I started very strong and ended kind of weakly, with renewed cravings (see note on potato chips in today's menu!). Here's a rundown of how it went:

Thursday--Smoothie at home for breakfast, Taco Bell "Fresco" chicken burrito, apple and nuts, two bites of hubby's turkey sub at the airport, ounce or so of roasted edamame, then a late-night Mexican salad at a Sonic (chicken, black beans, corn, cucumber, a bit of tomato, light ranch dressing)

Friday--Bowl of mixed fruit and one egg at hotel with one bite of daughter's bran muffin; Gordon College cafeteria excellent salad bar salad of dark greens and healthy veggies on top, including garbanzos, with fat-free balsamic dressing; Gordon College "Vegan Gumbo" with red beans, okra, celery, tomato-type broth; banana; ounce or so of roasted edamame. For dinner an amazing dinner recommended by a local at Passports in Gloucester, MA. I definitely had the fresh popover the waitress put on my bread plate before we ordered, and a couple of sips of hubby's white wine. I ordered the sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna with stir-fried vegetables and a ginger-type sauce. I requested additional veggies in lieu of a potato or rice. I could tell the sauce had some fat in it, but the fish had very little crust on it and the whole of it seemed pretty light. I was really hungry but still took home a good little leftover portion daughter enjoyed the next evening. I enjoyed a couple of bites of hubby's paella, too. :-)

Saturday--Bowl of mixed fruit and one egg with a small bran muffin at hotel; half ounce or so of mixed nuts; mid-afternoon lunch at Gloucester House -- I had the Greek-Style Seafood Scampi with just shrimp (allergic to scallops) and a small piece of cornbread. I ate almost all of this--left behind some of the pasta. It was definitely fatty but also very good. Later as we relaxed in the hotel I had some nuts and an orange. In the late evening hubby got a pint of ice cream for the three of us to share and I had no more than three ounces.

Sunday--Bowl of mixed fruit and 1-2 scrambled eggs, with small bran muffin (bet you can't guess this was at the hotel); after church lunch at Bertucci's, famous for not publishing nutritional information. But their roasted veggies are included in the posted recipes online, so I learned today I got more oil than I thought with those, and I ordered a bowl of minestrone and completely enjoyed the amazing roll on the table, plus I had the lunch salad we'd requested with light burgundy vinaigrette. At the airport I had a bite of a muffin and of a doughnut hubby had purchased for us three to share--I really could have done without those. And at home I had some leftover SATYAMMA'S FAMOUS CAULIFLOWER CURRY and some asparagus I found in the fridge from other daughter's dinner party Friday night.

In the wake of that increasingly non-nutritious eating over those days I have felt "needy" today (Monday) and grasping of treats I know are around, though the potato chips below are the only infraction I can think of right now. I'm trying to max out the good stuff today so I won't be hungry for the not-so-good stuff, and I hope to be back on an even keel by Tuesday.

There are times to enjoy celebratory, vacation-type food, and I think the dinner at Passports was just the thing for that, as was the small serving of ice cream. I'm not as happy about the "bite" here and there of non-optimal stuff, nor with the scampi at Gloucester House.


Breakfast--Oatmeal with frozen homegrown peaches, nutmeg, slivers of candied ginger, and toasted pecans

Lunch--Salad of romaine and spinach topped with black beans, onion, green pepper, salsa, and a tablespoon of ranch dressing; sweet potato with raisins and a few pecans broken up; unauthorized small handful of sour cream and onion potato chips (they're gone now, for which I'm thankful)

Supper--Yellow squash and onions; chard braised with garlic, olive oil (a tad), and lemon at the end; two ounces of pollack baked with a bit of olive oil and low-cal Italian dressing; orange

Snack (planned now as I'm posting)--Apple with peanut butter


Well, after a difficult weekend I'm pleased to report being just one pound up from last week, and I hope that will resolve in a day or two. That's eleven pounds down in six weeks.

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  1. Cindy, I think you did very well considering you had to eat out for each and every meal over the course of the weekend. Bravo for getting back on track so quickly. I might have just thrown in the towel until after Thanksgiving......congrats.


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