Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today's Menu

Breakfast--1/2 cup leftover oatmeal with peaches, STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE

Lunch--Salad of mesclun and romaine topped with pinto beans heated with salsa and garnished with chopped onion; orange

Snack--a bit of leftover smoothie, half a can of Progresso Extra-Fiber Chicken Tuscany soup (didn't eat the chicken in it)

Supper--Blanched asparagus tossed with quartered grape tomatoes and lite balsamic vinaigrette with extra vinegar (homemade tarragon vinegar); 1/2 baked potato topped with steamed homegrown broccoli (blooming with yellow flowers!) and seasoned with garlic powder, S&P

Snack--Locally-grown apple with raw almonds

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  1. Oops. Forgot to mention I added a tablespoon or so of guacamole to the salad at lunch today. I hope to use this blog for my own inspiration in days to come. :-)


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