Monday, October 19, 2009

Progress Report, a Green Smoothie, and a Recipe from the Book

I have to admit I was dubious reading about green drinks and "delicious green smoothies" and such, but I decided to give it a try today with a combination that sounded good, with light citrus that seemed to work with spinach.


1/4 honeydew melon
3 oz. or 1/3 of the bag or a big handful or about 4 cups raw spinach
1 tangerine
1 small orange
1 kiwi
water and ice cubes for consistency

Combine ingredients and blend to desired consistency.

Verdict--Pretty Good. This was a good first try, and I'm actually encouraged to try again later. The fruit flavors aren't as intense as I'd like normally, but it's refreshing. I like it even better as I get near the end of the glass. About half of this makes a huge glassful.

GARDEN STUFFED VEGETABLES from Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer (2 book set), by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

I adapted this recipe from the book, which calls for a mixture of veggies, quinoa, lentils, raisins, and walnuts stuffed into bell peppers, zucchini, and portabello mushrooms and topped with tomato sauce before baking. I substituted barley for the quinoa and used real mozzarella (about 3 oz) to hold the filling together instead of the cheese substitute in the recipe. I served this to the family on rice. Close to what the recipe suggests, I had mine over romaine with lite balsamic vinaigrette.

Verdict--Excellent! We all enjoyed this, and I'm glad there's some filling left over to do something with later.

By the way, I am contemplating joining the member center at, and the fee includes the above e-book "free," though I purchased it for about $25 several months ago. If anyone reading this is interested in getting that e-book at a nice discount, please email me at so we can discuss it. The customer service people said I am welcome to assign the link for the book to any computer I like.


Breakfast--two egg whites scrambled with salsa on one half an Arnold Sandwich Thin (100 calories, 6 grams fiber for both halves), the other half with a spread of homemade strawberry jam

Lunch--1/2 cup Progresso lentil soup; 1/2 cup leftover PESTO SKILLET; GREEN MELON SMOOTHIE


Down three pounds from last week :-)


  1. Cindy,
    I've been making smoothies with spinach for a while. The key for me is to throw in five or six pieces of frozen pineapple. The strong flavor of the pineapple means I don't notice the green. My standby smoothie is a banana, pineapple, spinach and a bit of orange juice to thin. Very tropical tasting. Looking forward to reading the books you have recommended and am glad to see I might be off to a good start. :-)

    Try some pineapple and let me know what you think.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Natalie--that does sound good, especially when we have a fresh pineapple!


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