Sunday, October 9, 2011

Almond Joy Dessert

I made up a great little frozen dessert for Sunday dinner today. I didn't measure, but the plan below is a good one to start from.

Almond Joy Dessert
(Serves 3 or 4)

3 frozen bananas in chunks
2-3 T. cocoa powder
1/4 - 1/2 cup milk of your choice
4 T. unsweetened coconut flakes (I used Bob's Red Mill)
1 ounce blanched sliced almonds

Put the frozen bananas in a high-powered blender with the cocoa powder and milk and blend until the proper consistency (like a Wendy's Frosty, if I dare say so)

Spoon into dessert dishes and top with the almonds and coconut, then pop into the freezer until a bit more firm.

Verdict: Excellent!  Even the guys in the house like it!


  1. Yum! Keep'em coming. BTW, you could probably use silken tofu instead of milk too, and freak people out that they actually ate TOFU! LOL.

  2. Hi! I found your blog while searching for Reformation Day recipes. You've got so many great recipes on here...I'll have to look around some more!

    I would like to invite you to my weekend linkup. It involves anything related to homemaking: recipes, sewing, decorating, crafts, DIY, a story about what you did today, etc! I know you'd be a great addition to the party!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  3. Thanks for your notes, Face and Sarah. I'm tardy responding to some old posts here as I finally have some leisure for the summer.


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