Friday, July 30, 2010

Nutritarian Nirvana

I'm not into Eastern religions (nor even some of the Western ones!), but this post title just works.

Emily Boller has posted a great glimpse at the food served at a recent Health Getaway with Dr. Fuhrman.

Click here to see the whole thing.  Amazing--makes me want to pull out that book of recipes!


  1. Have you made any of the recipes from Eat for Health? I have yet to try any but maybe I should.


  2. Makes me want to go to one of Dr. Fuhrman's week-long seminars where I can be pampered, eat great food and hear inspiring talks. Want to go sometime Cindy?

  3. I thought I answered this already, but Ali, if you look at the top left column of my blog page you'll see a link to Jana's experiments through the book (maybe two of them?)--she's a great cheerleader, though I'm still wary of some of the recipes. One of the first I made was fabulous--I think it was stuffed zucchini/eggplant/whatever-you-have-to-stuff.

    Marci, let's go! :-) I think he had one in Florida last year, maybe. That's more accessible.

  4. Hey Cindy!

    Just stumbled upon your site looking for new nutritarian recipes. I've been a nutritarian for well over a year now, have lost all my weight (size 12 to 2) and all my medical problems too thank goodness! It feels so good to have my health back, congrats on taking the steps toward getting yours back too ;D I bet you feel fabulous!

    The only foods I eat as a nutritarian are fruits veggies nuts and seeds. I would love to see some recipes of yours (they seem very creative!) that only include nutritarian friendly ingredients (no salt, sugar, oil, meat, dairy eggs etc)

    I'll be keeping an eye on your site hoping to see some of these, I realize one has to get super creative with cooking to avoid adding "SAD" food for flavor/texture. I'd love to read some of your ideas!

    Take care,


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