Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Inspiration

At the blog Deanna noted a new blog (like mine on steroids), . Jana Diedrich is working her way through Dr. Fuhrman's recipes in  Julie/Julia (great movie, so-so book) style, with beautiful photos of her everyday experiments. It's a great documentary of sorts of what Dr. F's nutritarian principles look like in real life, albeit carefully-created real life.

Now since both Jana and the Vegan Epicurean Alicia are ladies in their forties, like me, but without the four-child household I manage, I see them as inspirations and refuse to be discouraged by the many ways in which I find it difficult to keep up the daily excellence at the table that they can manage. But I am nevertheless inspired and want to inspire you, too!

If you're interested in taking the nutritarian plunge ala , I am considering joining the Member Center there but don't need the e-book that comes as part of membership. If you'd like the e-book at a discount, please contact me and we can arrange for me to pass on my "license" for it to you. I bought the book last year.

I'm still in holiday mode here and will hit the ground running on Monday, but I plan to be back in the swing of nutritarian eating and cooking in the first full week of the new year.

Blessings to all!

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  1. Cindy,

    I found it difficult to follow the principles in E2L when I was allowing myself the 10% unhealthy foods at first. You may want to consider the 6 week program to clean out your system so you don't crave the less healthy foods so much. It was the only thing that worked to cut back my cravings. I know it sounds difficult and unattainable but it gets easier after the first week. I am going back to the 6 week plan starting tomorrow with a friend of mine to start the New Year out very healthy. Stop by if you need any additional inspiration or encouragement.



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