Saturday, December 5, 2009

Indian Outing


1/2 cup cooked navy beans
a half dozen assorted olive bar olives and mushrooms, sliced or chopped
salt to taste

Mash beans with sliced olives and spread on your choice of substrate.

Verdict--Very Good. I needed a substantial snack before going out to a restaurant this evening, and I needed some beans for the day, so I enjoyed this on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin (100 calories)

Going with my friends to Tamarind: Flavor of India in Shadyside, Pittsburgh this evening. In checking out the menu I think I may order either Bisibella Bath (rice with vegetables and lentils) or Biryani (basmati rice with special spices, vegetable variety). The former is pretty cheap, so it may be fairly small. I'll inquire and go with the one that has more veggies in it. :-) Dal Fry and Veg Kofta are two other possibilities . . . remember I'm working on nutritarian, which minimizes starches and fats and sugars other than from natural produce.

I'll update this evening or tomorrow, reporting what I had. Any counsel? :-)


Breakfast--Steel-cut oats with home-dried sugared tart cherries (these are impossible without sweetening!) and toasted almond slices

Lunch--Spaghetti squash topped with RATATOUILLE SAUCE (large serving--I'm hungry!), navel orange

Snack--WHITE BEAN TAPENADE on an Arnold Sandwich Thin

Supper--I chose the Bisibella Bath, which was mostly rice, with lots of lemon grass inedibles to pick out, but the flavor was nice. My friend Marci got the Biryani and I tasted it and was glad for my choice, as hers was too hot for a full meal. I ate a cup-plus of mine and brought home a third to half of it for later, when I can look at it in good light to determine how many lentils are actually IN it. :-) My plate came with one of those crispy things that usually have lentils in them, but this one didn't and tasted really of pork rind. Hmmmm. I tasted a couple of things others had ordered and just plain enjoyed my evening out. Later at Starbucks I had a decaf with half-and-half and two little Walkers shortbreads (179 calories) for a splurge. At home I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate with cherries and chilis and shared with the family (thanks, Marci!). Fun evening out.


  1. I love Indian food, and cook it regularly but don't get it out very often. Frequently items are fried or so high in ghee they may as well be fried. Of the items you listed I would guess the rice with lentil and veg is going to be the most healthy.

    Good luck and can't wait to hear what you select.


  2. I just made this recipe last night without any hassles and it is very tasty. I love anything with cherries. I just found a free cherry recipe book from Traverse Bay farms. It even has cherry juice recipes too.

  3. Thanks for the note, Bill. Which recipe are you referring to?


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