Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Sunday


Breakfast--Smoothie of pear, banana, tangerine, spinach, flax seed meal, and water and ice to blend

Snack--1/2-3/4 cup leftover WHITE BEAN CHICKEN CHILI

Lunch--Green beans cooked with about 1/2 a smallish red potato, 1-2 oz. bbq rib meat (lean), 1/3 cup leftover cole slaw (vinegar-type dressing), 1/2 cup fruit salad (canned peach, apple, banana, canned pineapple), about one bite chocolate chip pound cake

Supper--Red leaf and romaine salad topped with 1/3 cup kidney beans, 1/4 cup leftover red chili with beef, chopped bell pepper, tomato, and onion, and salsa (too much--hot!); 1-1/2 corn taco shells (75 calories); orange; 1/2 oz. roasted cashews


  1. Hi Cindy,

    I just found your blog through your post on Disease Proof. My husband and I are also vegans for health. We don't get much support from our old friends who think we have become hippy nuts almost overnight. So I know it can be a lonely place to be at first. We have been following Eat to Live off and on for over 5 years. If you ever need any encouragement or tips feel free to ask.


  2. Thanks for visiting, Alicia! One look at the salad in your most recent post confirmed that I'm subscribing to your blog. I appreciate good ones! (And I like beets in my salads. :-) ) I look forward to browsing through your older entries.

    As you can see, I'm not completely vegan, but I'm trying to go by Dr. F's guideline of no more than 10% of calories from animal products. That helps make the cooking more family-friendly without being much more work.


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