Sunday, November 8, 2009

Company Salad Bar

The salad bar today was a hit, and proof that you can feed a lot of people in a nutritarian-friendly way without making them feel funny about it. :-)


2 cups honeydew chunks
1/2 cup frozen blackberries (from our garden)
large banana
about 1/2 cup packed kale leaves
tablespoon flax seed meal
water for consistency

Blend all in the blender, enjoy. This made one very large serving.

Verdict--Very Good.


**Just for company
*For me, but just a bit

Appetizers: EGGPLANT HUMMUS with carrots; honey pretzels with dip **

Assorted greens in separate dishes--spinach, red leaf lettuce, iceberg, romaine
Green pepper slices
Shredded carrot
Sliced radishes
Halved grape tomatoes
Red onion rings
Diced chicken breast *
Julienned deli roast beef **
Slivered pepperoni **
Diced ham **
Devilled eggs **
Shredded cheddar **
Crumbled feta *
Olive bar olives *
Raisins **
Almond slivers *
Several bottled dressings *, plus homemade tarragon vinegar and olive oil **
Homemade sourdough bread *
Homemade apple muffins **
Butter for the bread **
Red and green grapes
Lemon for ice water

Dessert: Decadent caramel/chocolate cookie bars (brought by a guest) *
Coffee with milk * and sugar and sweetener

Arrange salad bar items in attractive containers in a logical order and invite everyone to enjoy!

Verdict: Excellent. Enjoyed by all.



Lunch--EGGPLANT HUMMUS (1/3 cup or so) with baby carrots; COMPANY SALAD BAR as above--I had about two ounces of chicken breast on my salad, a teaspoon or so of feta, two olives, and a scattering of slivered almonds, with a tablespoon or so of lite Italian dressing. I had about a half ounce at most of the sourdough bread, just enough for a few small bites. I had a small piece of the dessert, about 1 x 1.5 inches, and enjoyed it thoroughly and slowly with my coffee.

Snack--Banana with peanut butter and flax seed meal

Supper--1-1/2 cups split pea soup, pear

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