Monday, October 26, 2009

Transformation / Inspiration

Emily Boller's "Transformation" website has been a real inspiration to me, and I've just re-read the whole thing, agreeing with her all the way, even though my journey has been so much shorter so far. Read it and be inspired!


  1. Cindy, I was reading the Transformation web site and was intrigued by the entry about becoming violently ill after eating the standard american thanksgiving dinner. I was wondering what you were thinking about doing for your own family's Thanksgiving and how to really try to avoid all the temptations that abound. You know how hard it is to break out of habits that we have formed over 40+ years, right?

  2. Marci, I think Emily is a major contributor to Dr. F's "member site" now (I haven't joined), and she posts regularly on their blog now (DiseaseProof). I like her demeanor, and I wish her site had a bit more detail, like how strict WAS her diet before that feast, and how much did she pack in? Was she a binger in the past and this was a revisit of that? Lots of questions.

    That said, the guys are on their way out to buy deer licenses (not much chance of bagging one in our history, and I don't much like the meat anyway) and possibly goose as well, and I told Glenn if they get a goose I'll certainly cook it and even eat some! :-)

    By the grace of God, I've had a bunch of candy bars (good ones) around for the last couple of weeks and have been tempted hardly at all--I've had a single M&M here and there. There's a way in which in my head I'm tempted but not in my "appetite" or "hunger." I'm feeling perfectly well nourished and not "needy" or craving at all.

    For Thanksgiving, for example, I haven't made any firm plans, but I expect I'll do the usual turkey and dressing and gravy and either rice or potatoes, but I'll do more of the usual sides I make--fruit salad (just fruit, maybe some coconut), plain green beans, etc. Instead of just sweet potato casserole and squash casserole I'll make some of that and some of the veggies plain or dressed up healthily. We'll have rolls, but maybe not homemade. And we'll have pies, and I expect to choose carefully a small serving of something or other. That would be the plan, but I have to trust that the Lord will enable me to do that, or give me wisdom to do something different.

    We'll have an earlier challenge in a couple of weeks when we take Betsy to visit Gordon. Three nights in a hotel with breakfast included, plus whatever else we find to eat in restaurants or groceries. We WILL have a bit of kitchen, so maybe I can find a grocery and make something nutritious that I can't easily get in a restaurant (fresh fruit at a reasonable price, etc.). I'm planning to take flax seed meal to add to my food, some nuts, and a few Kashi-type bars for emergency use.

    And do I know how hard it is to break out of old habits? More than most I do, absolutely. But God has been gracious for the last three weeks and I'm encouraged! :-)

  3. Great link! I'm enjoying looking through your blog!! Love it!


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