Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fish

I've been thinking about having some fish, so a Friday night seemed just the time for that--kind of celebratory, very traditional . . .

I think I need to go to the store--I've used up the last of a lot of things recently!


1 South Beach Living Multi-Grain Wrap (110 calories, 8 grams fiber)
2 tablespoons MOOSEWOOD HUMMUS (finally using up the last of it)
1/4 - 1/3 cup canned refried beans
several sliced grape tomatoes
several small slices red onion
fresh baby spinach leaves

Spread hummus all over one side of wrap, then spread refried beans over that. Stud half of the surface with tomatoes and onion and then lay spinach over that. Fold in half and cut into three or four wedges.

Verdict--Very Good. This is a revision of the KALE/LEMON SANDWICH I had the other day and not quite as spectacular, but very nice and easy. I contemplate mixing PESTO with the refried beans for a different take on it at another time. This is a great way to use up bits of things in the fridge, Dagwood style.

CREOLE POLLOCK WITH SPINACH AND RICE (Adapted from pp. 183-184 of Eat For Health )

The original recipe is for chicken, but I've used the equivalent in pollock loins (Costco frozen item--nutrition content very similar). The recipe calls for browning thin slices of chicken breast in oil, then adding celery, onions, pepper, tomato products, and some seasoning for a Creole kick. My version is actually easier, though I wouldn't try it with a thin fish like flounder. I sauteed the chopped veggies first and then added a bit of mashed anchovy and balsamic vinegar for a deeper flavor. I scooted the veggies over in the pan and laid down the firm pollock pieces, covering them with the veggies and then the canned tomatoes, with fresh spinach going on top at the end to simmer until the fish was poached, basically. I also added a dash of sweet white wine and at the end a teaspoon of sugar to correct the harshness.

Verdict--Excellent. Very intense flavors, and the fish was nice and firm. The nutrition data from the original recipe (very similar to mine) is 359 calories, 23g protein, 65g carb, 3g fat, 148g sodium per serving (which includes 1/4 cup of dry brown rice, cooked with appropriate water--is the yield of that about 2/3 of a cup?)



Lunch--TWO-BEAN SANDWICH WRAP, Tuscan melon (a cup or so)

Snack--Golden delicious apple, 1/2 ounce mixed nuts

Supper--CREOLE POLLOCK WITH SPINACH AND RICE, orange, one Harry & David chocolate eyeball (25 calories) ;-)

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